Exinferis s/t

I once again had the occasion to collaborate with ex inferis for their final, self-titled EP which was released in February 2011. The concept was around this idea of a man who succombs to insanity, pictured as a metaphorical journey through the desert, where his thoughts are represented by vultures, constantly picking at him. The visual depicts the "end" of it all. While I wanted it to follow the cleanliness in terms of design of "hidjama", I also wanted to be more experimental this time around, so I worked with a very limited color palette, and with alternating flat surfaces and very detailed, hand-drawn textures. The design was ultimately really brought to life by the lovely people at Stumptown Printers in Portland, Oregon, who did an amazing job with the print production. The design was printed onto black card using gold and grey. The gold was printed in letterpress which gives it a nice, tactile feel.
The EP was sold at exinferis' final gig, in a limited edition of 250 CDs, each sealed with a numbered sticker.

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